ROSA Fresh

ROSA Fresh. Made for home. Created for you.

ROSA Fresh is a modern domestic Linux operating system, created by the community and legally available to everyone for free and without registration.

The source code of the whole system is available under the GPL.

Actual version:

ROSA Fresh R8 and ROSA Fresh R8.1 KDE. Release date-March 6, 2017-for conservative users.

Key feature:

  • two years of support for security updates

  • increased stability

  • easy to use even by untrained users, a selected set of programs for home use

  • “quick install” Skype SoftMaker Free Office and Viber

  • for games – support for AMD and NVIDIA proprietary drivers and Steam

  • there are several versions with different desktop environments: KDE 4, GNOME 3, MATE (for systems with limited resources), PLASMA 5

  • support for 32-bit and 64-bit architectures for x86 processors

  • support Secure Boot, UEFI and a huge number of peripherals

  • own technologies such as KLook, ROSA Freeze (freezing system), ROSA Image Writer (writing distribution to USB-drive), ROSA time Frame, ROSA Media Player (media player), ROSA Simple Welcome, etc.

  • live – mode to get acquainted with the distribution without installation

  • a unique database of supported hardware

  • supported by the program “1C”

ROSA Fresh R9. Release date-April 19, 2017-for enthusiasts requiring the latest versions of programs (possibly at the expense of stability).

Download ROSA FRESH images from the links:

More information about the operating system ROSA Fresh R8 can be found here

Previous releases of the ROSA Fresh operating system can be downloaded here