ROSA Enterprise Linux Server (RELS)

ROSA Enterprise Linux Server (RELS) 6.7

ROSA Enterprise Linux Server is an operating system based on RedHat® and featuring ROSA’s original server solution components.

Binary repositories of RELS are key locked, GPL source code repositories are public.

Key features:

  • compatibility with most popular free and enterprise software including compatibility on the binary level

  • full compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux® and CentOS 6.x

  • ROSA’s original software for central management of network resources and enterprise level deployment

  • fast and easy installation, high operability level

  • flexible deployment

  • full source code  aviliability under GPL license

  • official support service by LLC NTC IT ROSA experts

  • Intel i686/x86-64 compatible


Key features:

  • Hosting of company web site and other web applications (Web services).

  • Internet access administration and statistics (proxy server).

  • Management of user accounts and machines (directory services, inventory services, mandatory access control).

  • Creation and deployment of virtual servers and jobsites and means to access them (virtualization services, terminal services).

  • Safe access to local resources through Internet (VPN server).

  • Storage for data and documents (file access services).

  • Data protection and backup (antivirus nad backup services).

  • A set of tools and services for building private and public cloud infrastructures (IaaS). It also includes a service for organizing distributed data storage and comfortable Web interface.

Download ISO image of RELS 6.7 here.
For information of how to obtain or purchase the repository key and support services, please contact our sales team at

Currently the new version of RELS (based on RedHat® 7 Enterprise Linux) is under development. Follow our news for further details and release date.

Recommended system requirements:

  • Intel Xeon E5-2600 processor or its analogue

  • 4 Gb RAM

  • 50 Gb free disk space

  • DVD-ROM driver

  • VESA monitor with minimum screen resolution 1024х768

  • keyboard

  • mouse

Original components:

ROSA Directory Server


Our ROSA Directory Server is intended for administration of user accounts and controlling access to resources of a local network. ROSA Directory Server is based on improved Mandriva Directory Server with additional means of providing strong authentication (Kerberos) and support for administration of several subnetworks. Main functionality:

  • centralized management and identification of user accounts

  • mail server administration (Postfix)

  • network services administration and management (DNS+DHCP)

  • printing system management

  • possibility to create group policies to control user access to network resources

  • common network resources administration

ROSA Server Setup


ROSA Server Setup. A tool for installing and configuring main server components using Web-interface. It allows to quickly setup the following applications:

  • ROSA Directory Server directory service

  • LAMP stack (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP)

  • MySQL and PostgreSQL databases

  • SAMBA and NFS file servers

  • CUPS printing system

  • DHCP and DNS network services

  • Postfix mail server with spam and virus protection

  • Mailman mailing list manager

  • Bacula backup system


Technical specifications and included software

Base system
Linux 2.6.32
OpenSSH 5.3-p1-70
OpenSSL 1.0.0
busybox 1.15
glibc 2-12
rpm 4.8.0
squashfs-tools 4.0

Authentication software
Open LDAP 2.4.23
MIT Kerberos 1.9

Application servers
Tomcat 6.6

Network file systems and printing support
CUPS 1.4

Cloud computing software
libvirt 0.9.4
OpenStack (Essex)

Network services
FTP (vsftpd)
DNS (bind)

Mail services
SMTP (Postfix 2.6, Sendmail)
POP & IMAP (Cyrus-IMAP 2.3, Dovecot 2.0.9)
Webmail (Roundcube)
Anti-spam (SpamAssassin)

MySQL 5.1
PostgreSQL 8.4
sqlite 3.6

Apache 2.2
PHP 5.3
Perl 5.10
Squid 3.1

Backup software
Bacula 5.0