ROSA Enterprise Desktop is an operating system recommended for use in a corporate environment.

The system is designed to equip users ‘ workplaces without special requirements for information security.

The product combines the simplicity and availability of Linux with the presence of the manufacturer’s warranty.

ROSA Enterprise Desktop is technologically compatible with other certified products manufactured by NTC it ROSA LLC, which makes it easy to build an infrastructure of any complexity with different safety circuits.

The distribution is based on an independent codebase, built in a full cycle ABF environment, and is built on the principle of “one application” – “one task”. It includes a complete set of applications that allows you to start working immediately after installation: mail client, browser, office package, quick message client.

Our company also provides update and technical support services for ROSA Enterprise Desktop. Find out the cost by sending a request by e-mail

The distribution meets the requirements of the Linux Standard Base (LSB). This allows you to run applications that are compatible with this standard, including proprietary and commercial solutions that are important for enterprise users.

ROSA Enterprise Desktop is available in Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian.

Software component

In the distribution includes application software, a decisive majority of common tasks: multi-function office Suite, web browser, email, messaging client, a program to view and edit audio and video files etc.

A list of the main software components ROSA Enterprise Desktop:

  • Linux kernel from LTS branch (with long-term support)

  • the latest version of the KDE4 desktop

  • Firefox and Chromium web browsers

  • Thunderbird email client with integrated calendar and Lightning scheduler

  • LibreOffice office Suite

  • current versions of free and proprietary drivers for Intel, NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards, hybrid graphics support (it is recommended to configure video cards using XFdrake)

  • Digikam photo Manager and Gwenview image viewer

  • Gimp graphics editor

  • tools for reliable system recovery ROSA Freeze

  • audio and video players

  • Java Runtime Environment (OpenJDK)

  • tools for interacting with Windows machines (access to shared resources, account authorization from an Active Directory domain)

  • Stardict electronic dictionaries

  • and many other programs for everyday work in the office and at home.

Along with standard applications, the ROSA Enterprise Desktop operating system is equipped with its own developments of the company “NTC it ROSA”, which increase the ergonomics of the system.



Although our login Manager is based on the standard KDE solution, we have significantly redesigned its graphical theme and interface. Thanks to a lot of small changes, it is much easier for the user to interact with the program. For example, if several profiles are active, after the next “awakening” of the system, the focus will be on the one that was used last. It is also useful to be able to log in without using the mouse: since the focus is automatically focused on the password field, you can enter the password immediately, press Enter and start the system. All this saves time.



This application offers the user a convenient way to run programs, as well as switching between them. The utility is a panel at the bottom of the screen, which is divided into three areas: on the left are frequently used applications, in the center – currently running, and the right part is reserved for stack folders and service applications. The simplewelcome launch icons and the recycle bin are located on the edges of the panel.
RocketBar has been designed in such a way that it allows to use large icons: this feature is not available in the standard KDE panel. However, thanks to the use of KDE technologies, our panel is fully compatible with plasmoids added to the standard panel.



A single point of application launch that is conveniently grouped by functional purpose: Internet, office, graphics, games, etc. Features:

  • access to all graphical applications in the system

  • access recent applications

  • access to” entry points ” organized in the Dolphin file Manager

  • access to the most recently opened documents

  • search by both application names and descriptions, as well as by the names of the last documents opened

  • ability to create an application shortcut on the RocketBar by dragging it from the SimpleWelcome window

  • call the utility using the hotkey (Alt+F1 by default)

  • setting up another key combination For simplewelcome

  • keyboard control: switch tab with Ctrl+Tab, select application with up/down/right/left arrows



A brand new content visualization tool that makes it easy to track user activity on time tape.

  • working with photos and videos

  • working with ODT, DOC, DOCX documents

  • sort data by specific file group

  • possibility to set an exact or approximate date (day, month)

  • preview (thumbnails)



This is a small applet (or” plasmoid”) for KDE — the main task of which is to help organize quick and easy access to the most frequently used folders and files. To make a regular folder turn into a “stack” one just need to drag and drop it from the Dolphin file Manager to the desktop or to the RocketBar panel (although the standard KDE panel is quite suitable). Then select “stack folder”from the drop-down menu.
What gives? First of all, the ability to quickly access files and subdirectories within such a folder. Click to open a panel that displays all the objects that are currently inside it. You can open the file from here in the associated application or” delve ” inside the subdirectories by looking at their contents.



ROSA Media Player — it is a modern multimedia player. Supporting most of the formats, it is characterized by a concise design and a variety of functions, some of which are unique for this kind of application.



The Dolphin file Manager has been significantly improved to allow for easier use. Changes compared to the standard Dolphin file Manager: greatly simplified toolbar, removed rare items; the default is a modern menu in the form of a “button” on the toolbar — it significantly reduces the level of information noise when working with Dolphin, saves space on the screen and makes it easier to find the necessary functions. Changed the structure of the right-click menu. The menu has become more simple and logical. Changed the structure of information display in the status bar-now it has become easier and clearer.