ROSA Enterprise Desktop

ROSA Enterprise Desktop (RED) is an enterprise operating system for small and medium-sized businesses who have no need for strict security features.

RED is technically compatible with any certified ROSA distribution so you can easily build your infrastructure based on different security levels.

The distribution is build on ABF and includes software for all common working tasks: office suite, Internet browser, E-mail and IM clients, audio and video viewers and editors and so on.

Like any Linux distribution RED is provided with software update mechanism and purchasable support services, for more details please contact:

The distro is Linux Standard Base (LSB) compliant which makes possible running all LSB compatible software including proprietary and non-free corporate programs.

ROSA Enterprise Desktop supports Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian languages.

Base software:

  • LTS kernel
  • Firefox and Chromium web browsers
  • Thunderbird mail client plus Lightning calendar
  • LibreOffice
  • The latest versions of free and proprietary graphic drivers for Intel, NVIDIA and AMD cards and Hybrid Graphics support (it is recommended to manage your graphics through the XFdrake utility)
  • digiKam image organizer, Gwenview image viewer
  • GIMP, a GNU Image Manipulation Program
  • ROSA Freeze, a tool to protect the core system from any modifications
  • Java Runtime Environment (OpenJDK)
  • Integrated support for Windows and Active Directory shares and authentication environment
  • Stardict dictionaries

ROSA native applications:


It is a login manager with a horizontal display of system users. KDM (KDE Display Manager) has undergone significant revision. It became more clear and easy to use. Thanks to adding a keyboard layout indicator and the CapsLock key indicator, user can minimize number of errors when typing a password. Besides, it is possible to use the new KDM with only a keyboard: just press the Tab key to change the user account, and you’ll find the keyboard focus in the password entry field. Especially for the ROSA Desktop Fresh release, ROSA Laboratory experts prepared several fine high-resolution (225 x 225 pixels) avatars – try them, and you’ll certainly like them.


RocketBar is a swift and suitable way to launch and switch between applications. We took care of user’s comfort, and divided RocketBar in 3 zones: in the left zone we put frequently used applications, in the main (central) zone your running applications would take place, and in the right zone we placed service applications. SimpleWelcome kickoff button is permanently on the left, and Trash Can – is on the rignt side. Moreover, the panel has been redesigned so that you could use bigger icons – this function was previously unavailable for the KDE panel.


Enjoy your single launch point for applications. With SimpleWelcome they are suitably grouped according to their functionality, e. g. Internet, office, graphics, etc. You can always get quick access to all graphic applications in your system, to your recently launched applications, to the entry points organized in the Dolphin file manager, to your recently used documents, to search function and many other things.


TimeFrame is a completely new content visualization tool. It allows you to easily monitor your activity at specified dates. For this TimeFrame uses the powerful metadata management technology, Nepomuk, that allows to work both with local and remote data. And TimeFrame itself is the additional tab in the full-function single entry point for a user – SimpleWelcome. In TimeFrame you can: work with photo and video files; work with .odt, .doc, .docx documents; sort data by definite group of files; set certain or uncertain date (day, month); preview thumbnails, etc.


A new applet for KDE developed by ROSA Laboratory. It allows to organize fast access to frequently used folders and files. This applet is quite easy to use. To start, just drag and drop a folder from the Dolphin file manager to your desktop or panel (RocketBar or the standard KDE panel), and select “Stack Folder” option from the drop-down menu. With StackFolder you can: create a stack folder by dragging and dropping from the Dolphin file manager to the RocketBar right zone; limit a viewing area with a specified folder; quickly browse the sub-directories; preview thumbnails of photo and video files, etc.


The Dolphin file manager has been considerably modified by ROSA Laboratory experts, so it became more easy to use. Changes from the “standard” Dolphin: the main toolbar was substantially simplified, and infrequently used elements were deleted; the latest menu (the “button” on the main toolbar) is used by default, thus significantly decreasing information noise when using Dolphin, as well as saving screen space and simplifying search of necessary functions; the structure of right-click menu was changed so it became more simple and logical; the structure of information message in the status bar was changed – now it’s more simple and clear.


RED minimal system requirements:

  • Intel Pentium 4 2.0 processor or its analogue
  • 1,5 GB RAM for 32-bit version or 2 GB RAM for 64-bit version
  • VGA monitor with 1024×768 24 bit support
  • DVD-driver or USB port for installation
  • 20 GB free disk space
  • keyboard&mouse


Download ROSA Enterprise Desktop installation images: