Our Products

General purpose systems

Certified operating systems

To process confidential information and personal data

The family of operating systems ROSA “COBALT” is certified by FSTEC of Russia in desktop and server versions. Recommended for use by commercial entities, industry and public authorities working with confidential information, including personal data.

Operating system ROSA DX NICKEL 1.0 is certified for the Eighth running of the General staff of the armed forces. Currently there is only in desktop version. It is recommended for processing information constituting a state secret with a stamp no higher than “secret”.

OS ROSA DX “NICKEL” 1.0 desktop. Certified (until Feb 2019) the Eighth running of the General staff of the armed forces, with built-in protection from unauthorized access to information — compliance SWT RD class 4 RD and NDV in 3-level control.

ROS DX “NICKEL” 1.0 is available for Intel i686 architectures with PAE support (RAM more than 4 GB).

Free software tools

The program burn the ISO images to a USB drive ROSA Image Writer

Available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X (10.6 – 10.10). It is designed to write arbitrary ISO images to a USB drive. You can download it here. It is supplied as part OF the ROSA Fresh OS.

ROSA Media Player

Available for Windows. It is intended for playing audio and video files of popular formats. You can download it here. Supplied as part of our operating systems.

The program works with electronic digital signature of ROSA CryptoTool

Provides a graphical user interface to work with signing and encrypting files using CryptoPro. Available in the repositories of ROSA Linux.