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Latest release ROSA Desktop Fresh R9 (open source, GPL license)


  • 32bit ISO (md5sum: e486f9d6a66a63d438e6ed50b0a7abd9)
  • 64bit ISO (md5sum: 3cefe2c263d09acf8921c2affd1298dc)


  • 32bit ISO (md5sum: 05b47fe17d95ca08295d869581759b33)
  • 64bit ISO (md5sum: 7e83b16bb02cb295d984de97055e24cc)


Latest stable release ROSA Desktop Fresh R8 (open source, GPL license)


  • 32bit ISO (md5sum: 86f8868b9cf804a8728799026c90f69e)
  • 64bit ISO (md5sum: d5adc6cc0e3f1b480b8f5416984fc7af)


  • 32bit ISO (md5sum: fd58700756aede040d25cc3becc570e3)
  • 64bit ISO (md5sum: 829ea3d87502d35b3753f628dd778d85)


  • 32bit ISO (md5sum: 6853d77c0b8dfe8130ecfce36e2709b0)
  • 64bit ISO (md5sum: 5f6bd58c15154fde02ed0ebb9ef1dbfd)


  • 32bit ISO (md5sum: fc9f7abe3ee8dcf0ccf34c1b2b4e3ccd)
  • 64bit ISO (md5sum: ab4ef7f6e67c326ad01177c5844f3105)


For downloading previous releases of ROSA Desktop Fresh you can use  this link

Light version (with less resources use) ROSA Fresh R6 LXQt (open source, GPL license)

Checksum (md5): 6569c351cae0aeed1bc9b89f353355a0

Filename: ROSA.FRESH.LXQT.R6.i586.iso

Checksum (md5): 3faa9a5ded336cd1140f15e1561c1c4e

Filename: ROSA.FRESH.LXQT.R6.x86_64.iso

Latest release ROSA Enterprise Linux Server (RELS) 6.7 (proprietary license)

Please note: you need a key to use repositories of latest version

Checksum (sha256): 12898f74e57cff0c85418b9cf7d566b4bc704a0c7fb3b1063b8a3db6f2e456ea

Checksum (sha256): 1ef21b453ea9dce694abf67ec8ffc20b98c91381e354701ddbbe8fd5dececaaf

Previous releases of RELS (6.3-6.6) you can download here. No key or registration needed to download and use oldest releases.

Repositories of lates RELS are locked by key. Please contact our sales at to obtain trial (30 days) key for test.

ROSA Enterprise Desktop (RED) X2 (proprietary license)

Image of RED X2 operating system is free to trial testing.

Please, contact our sales at for obtain ISO image.


Image writer to USB stick ROSA Image Writer (open source, GPL licence)

Multimedia player ROSA Media Player  (open source, GPL licence)