About us


LLC NTC IT ROSA is a Russian software development company since 2012. The lineup of our products include free Open Source distributives as well as commercial Open Source distros. We work on desktop and server solutions as well as cloud service deployment and infrastructural service deployment systems.

ROSA cooperates with hardware manufacturers, systems integrators and hardware/software integrated solutions developers. Feel free to contact us.

NTC IT ROSA is an acronym. In Russian spelling it is “nauchno tehnicheskiy centr informacionnyh tehnologiy” – the Technical Research Center of Information Technology.


Address: Russian Federation, 124498, the city of Moscow, Zelenograd, Shokina sq. 2.

Office phone: +7 499 720-83-14

Primary e-mail: support@ntcit-rosa.ru

Open hours: Mon-Fri from 10.00 to 19.00 (MSK)

Contact sales:

Phone: +7 495 277-02-80

Sales e-mail: sales@ntcit-rosa.ru

Contact support:

Phone: +7 499 720-83-14

Support e-mail: support@ntcit-rosa.ru

For press and PR please contact:

Phone: +7 495 277-02-80

E-mail: pr@ntcit-rosa.ru

World Wide Web: http://rosalinux.com, http://rosalinux.ru, http://ntcit-rosa.ru, http://rosalab.ru