Welcome to the ROSA Linux developers community!

We present you ABF – the “Automated Build Farm”.

ABF is a advanced fully automated developer platform availiable for everybody free of charge, and developed in Russia.

ABF key features:

  • ABF is the first full cycle development platform fully developed in Russia

  • Shared development environment

  • Includes CVS (GIT) access

  • Software packages build farm with repos publication

  • Supports multiple hardware architectures for packages build

  • ISO images build

  • Distributed environment: a master “head” and slave “build agents”

  • Convinient auditing and statistical functions reflecting all ABF processes

  • Testing functions for ABF developed software

  • Software development process made easy

  • Full and easy capacities scalability

Have some programming skills?

Want to become a Linux developer?

Share Open Source and Free Software Community ideas and goals?


Do not hesitate to come and register for free on ABF and start developing Linux.

Oh, yes, Open Mandiva Linux was being developed here on our ABF for some time. Absolutely free of charge, too 🙂


ABF build process report

ABF build process report

ABF stats

ABF stats

ABF stats for Open Mandriva

ABF stats for Open Mandriva