Welcome to the ROSA Linux development community.

We present you ABF – Automated Build Farm.


ABF is a modern domestic automated system of development, available for everyone free of charge.

Key features of ABF:

  • domestic first fully automated platform for the development of a full cycle
  • allows for joint development of programs
  • includes a version control system and allows you to organize the development process
  • allows you to build packages and publish them to the repository
  • supports multiple hardware architectures for Assembly
  • allows you to get ready-made ISO images
  • it is a distributed system consisting of the main server and Assembly agents
  • it has a convenient audit and statistics reflecting the entire development process
  • it has built-in testing functions of the developed programs
  • allows you to organize a transparent development process
  • power ABF easy to scale

Do you have programming experience? Want to participate in Linux development? Do you share the ideas of the OpenSource community?

Maybe you will make ROSA Linux the most popular Linux distribution in Russia.

Sign up to TA and start the development of the ROSA Linux right now.

And Yes, the distribution of the operating system Open Mandriva also for a long time was going to US on ABF. Gratis. We felt good.