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The first review of the new ROSA Fresh R9:

During the installation of ROSA you can see a picture that says: “ROSA is a global distro of European origin”. And we are very much eager to read the feedback from our foreign users. We have seen lots of such reviews and now there is another one, the Distrowatch feature story of the current R9 release.

Jesse Smith at Distrowatch says:

“My experience with ROSA got off to a pretty good start. The installer is easy to navigate (though perhaps a bit too quick to format and install when using guided partitioning). The system ships with a useful collection of open source software, media support and I like the default layout of ROSA’s Plasma desktop.
I ran into a snag with Plasma’s performance. The desktop effects and compositing really dragged down the performance in both of my test environments and it took me a while to find and disable all of the settings that were making the Kwin window manager work so hard. However, with performance restored, the rest of my time with ROSA went very smoothly. The distribution ships with modern software while providing a stable and polished experience.
The configuration tools ROSA inherits from Mandriva are very easy to use and I like that ROSA has unified Mandriva’s two control centres into one. The software manager worked well for me, as did most of the configuration tools. I particularly liked the backup utility which makes it straight forward for each user to backup their files to a local or remote location on an automated schedule.
During my entire trial I think I also saw one application crash (Chromium locked up and had to be killed) but otherwise my week with the distribution was smooth. ROSA provides four years of software support and offers a friendly environment without much clutter or distractions. I found it to be a good desktop workstation system and one which will likely appeal to new Linux users.”

Also worth saying that the user rating of ROSA Fresh R9 – is 8.5 from 10 available points.

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