ROSA Fresh R8 is out!

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ROSA Fresh R8 is out!

Dear friends, we are happy to present our new ROSA Fresh R8 release.

It is the last stable release of 2014.1 platform.

ROSA Desktop Fresh R8 is a distribution for enthusiasts in a constantly changing Linux world. It’s the last release based on rosa2014.1 platform. R8 is a stable release with 2 years of extended support (security updates will be provided until Fall 2018).

Release is runnig out with four different desktop environments.

KDE 4 – stable desktop environment, recommended for home users.

GNOME 3 – simple and easy to use desktop environment.

Plasma 5 – new version of KDE, recommended only for Linux enthusiasts because it’s not as stable as KDE 4 yet.

MATE – fast and lightweight desktop environment for the older hardware.

See wiki for details



August 17, 2016at 7:57 am

Excelente, ha sido para mi un muy buen producto. Ya he bajado la R8.
Tengo instalada en 2 equipos; uno de escritorio y un portátil.

Gracias RosaLab por tan buen producto.

Excellent, has been for me a very good product. I have already downloaded the R8.
I have installed on 2 computers; a desktop and a laptop.

Thanks for such a good product RosaLab.

Desde bogotá D.C. – Colombia, 2600 metros más cerca de las estrellas.

From Bogota D.C. – Colombia, 2600 meters closer to the stars.

Dr. Volker Walter

December 1, 2016at 12:12 pm

Hola Mauricio,
también tengo el R8 en 3 computadores, 2 en la casa, 1 en la oficina, es excelente!

Thanks, RosaLab! It is a very good Linux-Distro, you are the true and only Mandriva Maintainers!

Greetings from Germany

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